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Thinking Plague, Upon Both Your Houses
Thinking Plague
Upon Both Your Houses

Release Date:
September 28, 2004

Price: $13.00

Recorded live at NEARfest 2000, “Upon Both Your Houses” is a stunning document of Rock-In-Opposition at its finest. Thinking Plague delivers a commanding set of highly technical and challenging, yet melodic compositions in a manner that must be heard to believe. The masterful musicianship displayed by this sextet is exquisite. They draw from obvious progressive rock sources, but refuse to merely relive the 70's as they push their unique brand of music forward. The multifaceted guitar of Mike Johnson, the acrobatic reeds of Mark Harris, the dexterous piano of newcomer Matt Mitchell, the quirky, dynamic vocals of Deborah Perry, the strong counterpoint and melody laid down by bassist Dave Willey, and the superb percussive antics of drummer Dave Kerman define a performance by a band on top of their collective game. The recording was expertly mixed and mastered by Bob Drake, allowing the spectacle that is Thinking Plague to be presented at a level of which they highly deserve.

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  2. Lycanthrope
  3. Maelstrom
  4. Love
  5. The Aesthete
  6. Excerpt from Moonsongs
  7. Hamster Dance
  8. Piano Solo
  9. Kingdom Come
10. Malaise
11. Behold the Man
12. Warheads

Mike Johnson, Guitars
Dave Kerman, Drums, utensils, whistle, duct tape and Barbie dolls
Mark Harris, Saxophones and reeds
Deborah Perry, Vocals
Matt Mitchell, Piano and keyboards
Dave Willey, Bass and accordion

Produced by Thinking Plague and Bob Drake

Download MP3 of  "Dead Silence"

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